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On Priorities-Letters To My Younger Self

Dear Nakisha,

You have to keep your priorities in check or you will lose your way.  You will cause yourself great stress.

Do yourself a favor: above ALL else in your life, make spending time with God your main goal.

There are going to be many things that will peak your interest.

You will set many goals and this is a good thing for you; it is a major component in your strengths profile.

But the path of life is never a straight line. Click To Tweet Curves will come on your narrow road.  You’ll need to be equipped.

You will need to know The Source.  You will need to lean on him, HARD.  He can and will handle it.

Make time for prayer, Bible reading and in some seasons just a Bible study or several sermons (but squash the desire to rely solely on Bible studies, you need to read The Book too, I repeat, you NEED to READ the BIBLE TOO).

Regardless of the season you find yourself in, you must make this time first thing in the morning because otherwise it won’t get on your “to-do” list.  And even if you write it on your “to-do” list it won’t get done after your day starts.

Oh- And when He tells you who you are, believe him.  When He tells you what He wants you to do, DO IT.

Your delay or should I say, your distrust or should I say, you following your plan will become one your biggest regrets.

Lastly, Nakisha- Never Give Up but I know you won’t. 🙂


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