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On Brains, Beauty and Booty

“Beauty without grace is like a fish far displaced from the water and looking at this kind of beauty is like watching that fish die right there on the cement in front of you.” ― C. JoyBell C.

A well-kept body is divine and a sign of being thankful that your spirit has a home; a temple to reside in on Earth.

However, a strong mind and a loving heart will always reign supreme.

The combination of all three, well that is a Queendom indeed!

But as with all creation, things are not yet as they will be.  So we seek.

Unfortunately, we allow money gluttons to woo us in and we lose The Way.

I know everyone wants to be validated.  Everyone wants accolades and a pat on the back.  A way to feel valued.  I get it.

As an emotionally thirsty young woman in my teens and early 20’s, I too used my body as a measuring stick to my worth.

Our culture, that already belittles women, degrades us habitually by over-sexualizing everything and I do mean everything, look at the burger commercial from back in the day.  No, STOP, don’t do that. Take my word for it.

Now that I am full and I vibe on a higher frequency, I realize that this all comes back to The Source.

The Source offers true love and purpose.

But you gotta stay connected and staying connected is the hard part.  We have many “distractions” pulling us around.

Without The Source, we don’t know true love and without true love we stay thirsty.

And such is the world we live in.

We love challenges, right?

I challenge you to pause and study yourself.

Why do you post what you post? Why do you dress how you dress?  Why do you allow what you allow?  Why do you go where you go? Why do you say the things you say?

Hopefully, your answers will guide you somewhere empowering.  As long as you are breathing, it’s never too late to course correct.

Remember, there is greatness on the inside of you.  Don’t waste it.

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