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Hello September. My Goals for September.


Ingredients: ½ cup thoughts of vanity plus ½ cup thoughts of internal health

Instructions: Plan, Structure and Be Intentional about moving my body in a manner that improves my physique!

I know myself and I won’t be satisfied with three times a week.  My body craves physical activity (so does yours) which is why standing on my feet in the kitchen creating is pleasing to me but because I’m creating unhealthy thick girl food…I need to find a new habit!

Goals: Main goal-Exercise 6 days a week with a minimum of 10K daily steps!  Super Goal: 20 K steps 2 days per week!


Goals: – Go out with or entertain another couple this month.  Do or Visit something/somewhere new this month!


Goal: Take the whole family somewhere.  I’m going to need the girls to hold me accountable on this one!


Goal: Stay on schedule.  In homeschool, we are working on the habit of readiness.  I desire to be in bed by 9 pm most nights of the week and definitely sleep by 10 pm if not sooner!


Goal: Read three new books.  I hope to share with you what I read and you can check my favorites list too!


Goals: Hair do. Nails done. Massage. Shop for fresh essentials-minimalist here! Remind myself that most things are vanity and beauty is on the inside…I digress.


Goal: Do the darn thing!  Focus. Or should I say Refocus.  The new school year required that I pause and focus on getting the kiddos (and myself) into a good rhythm.  While its not perfect (but what is this side of Heaven?), I know that it is good enough to accomplish our goals.  I’ll leave the rest to God.  I’m doing my part.  So now, back to business.

The life of a work from home, homeschooling mom can get very interesting but I wouldn’t have it any other way.




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